Some may learn a new language for the sake of simply becoming bilingual, but lets be honest for a  moment. Most people see the value in certain skills by the monetary benefits they provide. And what a wonderful coincidence it is, that learning a second (or third, or fourth) language can increase your salary BIG TIME.

Research shows that learning a second language leads to a salary increase of approximately 2%. Ok, that doesn’t sound like much, but stay with me here for a second. Just by knowing how to speak Mandarin for example, you can become THE MOST important asset of your company, which has the potential to propel you into jobs or a position your couldn’t have imagined.

So the real value of knowing a second language is not necessarily the 2% salary boost but the opportunities that come with knowing a second language. That is why the following 5 languages are the best languages to make more money in 2020.

1. Mandarin (Chinese)

Lanterns with chinese Kanji-Characters

Being the national language of China, the world’s most dominant economic power, it is spoken by more than 1 BILLION people worldwide. Globalization has propelled chinese companies into the spotlight of international partnerships in nearly all professional areas. Chances are, your current Boss is interested in doing business with chinese companies.

Research shows an incredible 35 % interest increase in mandarin speaking executives of english speaking companies. Not only could you position yourself as the „bridge“ to lucrative businesses but also become an indispensable asset.

China is making major moves in nearly all areas and you should too! Learning chinese is your best bet on taking your career to the next level and earn big stacks while doing so. 钱 (Qián) – Money

2. German

Brandenburger Tor, a sight in Berlin, Germany

This one may come as a surprise but learning german has the potential to earn you up to 125,000 Euro (140,00 Dollars) in bonuses, all while sounding angry, even when you say sweet things like „Kätzchen“ (kitten). I don’t know about you but german seems like a win-win for me.

Germany being one of the european powerhouses and home of successful corporations like Mercedes Benz, Siemsens and Bosch, provides excellent career opportunities to earn more „Geld“ (Money). Judging by the foreign trade to GDP index, Germany is the most open economy among G7 states with a foreign trade quota of 84.4%. To put this into perspective, the USA has a foreign trade quota of 26.7%.

Whatever your field of interest may be, learning the german language can be your next step to advance career-wise, especially if your job has something to do with vehicle construction, the electrical industy,
the chemical industry or engineering.

3. Arabic

Buildings in Saudi Arabia

It’s no secret that the arab world is considered to be one of the wealthiest regions in the world, with over 600 billion Dollars in GDP, which is mostly attributated by the oil industry.

Due to it’s incredible growth over the past years, the middle east is developing and creating even more job opportunities than you may imagine. Companies go where the money flows and Saudi Arabia is the place to be for international brands. The good news is, that the supply-demand ratio of arabic speakers, who know english or any second language for that matter, is unbalanced and presents itself as an amazing opportunity in jobs in marketing for example.

Learning arabic is rather hard but yields amazing rewards, if you manage to get fluent for the task needed. Join the ever-growing economy and position yourself as as the go-to person between companies and brands.

4. Russian

Russian domes in Moscow

Russia is not only the home of badasses, the mafia and bears (as depicted in movies) but is also recognized as a leading economic force and should not be left unmentioned. Oh, and russian is globally seen as one of the most profitable languages learn. But why is that so?

Russian companies and brands are evolving at an astonishing pace, meaning they are piling up partnerships all around the world. Unfortunately (fortunately for you) only 20-25% of the russian population can speak a second language. This may come as a surprise but english speaking russians are not so easy to come by.

In all honesty though, russian is not an easy language to get fluent in, but being able to understand the vague context of a conversation can give you a huge advantage in doing business with russian companies. Because russians appreciate and respect it when foreigners try to speak russian.

Aside from securing an amazing language in your career tool-box, you could finally understand what those bad guys in movies are talking about. (how cool would that be?)

5. Spanish

Sunset in Madrid, Spain

Hasta la vista, baby (imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger saying that). You may be wondering: how did spanish make it onto this list of being of being a language to earn more money in 2020? Well, let me tell you why, amigo!

Being able to speak spanish has proven itself to be an amazing skill for job seekers and it has become a necessary language over the past few years, especially in Europe, where its also the foreign language of choice after English.

Speaking of, the total hispanic population in the U.S is expected to reach over 60 Million by 2030, which means that just by learning to speak spanish, you will be able to reach an incredible amount of people.

The best thing about spanish is, that it is the official language in countries among four continents and is farely easy to learn, making it one of the best languages to learn if you want to make more money in 2020.